The Arcadia Community

Arcadia is a long-term restoration community where minor sex trafficking survivors become thrivers. Our philosophy “Compass” is built upon the tenets of self-direction and holistic therapy.

“I have learned that trauma endured through sexual exploitation is relational and therefore healthy relationships are the vital component to true healing. That’s what Arcadia aims to achieve.”

Christi Bolz, Founder


The Arcadian Community

Arcadia will be a restoration community for minor sex trafficking victims who need long-term specialized care. Arcadians will be as young as 11 and will stay from one to three years. In many cases, survivors will leave Arcadia with foster parents who they have already developed a relationship with while in the security of Arcadia.
The Arcadia space itself will be located outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Its purposeful design features many bungalows where groups of girls live together in a house parent model which allows the girls to experience a healthy family dynamic and develop a better understanding how to navigate boundaries. These bungalows are all centered around “The Arc,” which is a multipurpose facility where therapies including: music, art, exercise, self-defense, as well as traditional therapies will take place


Compass Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy, “Compass,” is about restorative self-direction. Letting survivors take control over their own path to recovery. Because of this, we take a holistic approach to restoration, addressing trauma of the mind, body and spirit by offering many different therapies with proven records of success. These include canine therapy, equine therapy, horticulture therapy, music therapy, and art therapy. We also will offer onsite medical services, education, support in career planning, life-skills, health & wellness, substance abuse, and more.
No matter what direction a survivor chooses to go at Arcadia, the choice is always their own. More than any other therapy, the freedom of choice is paramount in helping these girls recover and become re-acclimated into society.

Arcadia will be a community filled with laughter, love, and hope; but survivors can’t stay forever. We do everything we can to make sure the continuum of care doesn’t end with us, so these survivors are able to genuinely thrive.

If you’d like to be a part of the solution, we encourage you to reach out to us and put your skills to the test! Our team is growing and we can never have too many volunteers. From donating time or money to hosting an info social, if you’re called to support Arcadia, we have a job for you.

The Importance of Self-Direction

We don’t believe there is a set curriculum or a universal approach to restoration. Compass is all about self-direction.  We will implement Arcadia’s Compass philosophy through the lens of TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention).  TBRI was developed right here in DFW at TCU.  It has been proven to be the most promising practice of trauma informed care models. 

In accordance with TBRI, we will guide survivors by empowering them to make choices. With multiple therapy options available, numerous activities, and optional spiritual events to take part in, Arcadian girls will rediscover their freedom and value through the ability to make choices.  Additionally, every girl’s track to restoration is individualized. By treating these girls like the individuals they are, we are better guiding them to recovery and integration back into society outside of Arcadia.