What is the 12 for 12 Campaign?

The 12 for 12 Campaign is Arcadia’s way of sharing our journey to provide a safe haven of healing and restoration to child sex trafficking victims with you, our community. These girls need a supportive community to rely on. We want to build that community, and we want the community to build Arcadia. Through the 12 for 12 Campaign, EVERYONE has the power to make a difference and change lives. If one million people donate just $12, the funds will provide enough to completely build and operate Arcadia for multiple years.

Take a moment and think about how many lives your $12 can change: of course, initial 12 girls that will reside at Arcadia, every girl who ever finds hope here, and every generation that comes after them. This is a chance for our community to stand up against trafficking and support the futures of young women who had their freedom, choice, and futures stolen from them. Help us give victims back what is inherently theirs by giving $12.

D O N A T E     T O D A Y

12 Girls. 12 Futures. 12 Changed Lives.